The New Brunswick Woodcarving Association (NBWA) is a non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of, and the promotion and dissemination of information related to, the art and craft of wood carving. Its primary role is planning and operating an annual New Brunswick Woodcarving Competition and Sale and any other activities agreed to by the Board of Directors. It will also share information about NBWA activities and other woodcarving news with members of NBWA and others

Membership in the NBWA is open to any person who is interested in helping the association achieve its purpose. Participation in the annual NB Woodcarving Competition and Sale constitutes full and paid membership in the NBWA, if that person so wishes. Non-participating individuals may apply for membership in the Association and pay established membership dues (Contact Us)

Current Executive:

President – Walter Bidlake (

Vice-President – Tim Griffin

Secretary – Robyn O’Keefe (

Treasurer – Roland Baker (

Past-President – Doug Johnson (

Board Members:

Gord Willett (Central)

Ron McGuire (Southwest)

Susan Lazor (US)

Joanne Thompson (South)

Wayne Sears (Southeast)

Carman Dumas/Mike Logan (Northeast)

Tim Griffin (Photographer)

Brian Dykeman/Krista Latimer (Webmaster)