Major 2018 NBWCCS Partner

We are extremely pleased to again welcome J.D. Irving, Limited as our major partner for our 2018 New Brunswick Wood Carving Competition and Sale event. J.D. Irving, Limited will contribute a total of $2500 towards our event: $1500 in the form of a Purchase Award for a moose carving of their choice, and $1000 in support of the NBWCCS.

 Other Major Partners

We are delighted that AV Group NB is again offering a Purchase Award of $1500, this time for an owl. This could be, for example, a Great Horned Owl, Barn Owl, Snowy Owl, Barred Owl, Burrowing Owl, Elf Owl, Great Grey Owl, Long-Eared Owl or a Saw-Whet Owl.

We are also delighted that The Picket Fence Motel is again offering a $300 Purchase Award, this time for a Santa that is at least 10 inches high.

To round out the purchase awards and to support our efforts to attract young carvers to our show, Charley Brook Tree Farm is offering a $150 Purchase Award for the Youth carving of their choice.

Other Sponsors (2016)

We gratefully acknowledge the support received from the following sponsors:

  • KV Woodcarving Supplies
  • Flexcut Tool Company
  • Lee Valley Tools
  • Guardian Drugs, St. Stephen
  • Water Street Fine Crafts
  • Leather House
  • Atlantic Super Store, St. Stephen
  • Quoddy Link Marine
  • Mike & Valerie Drury
  • Dennis Ferguson
  • Jolly Breeze
  • Tradewinds Imports
  • Garden by the Sea
  • Keith’s Building Supplies
  • Dr. Sue Burbine
  • Kent Building Supplies, St. Stephen
  • Laura Brown
  • Canadian Tire, St. Stephen
  • Razortip Industries
  • Foredom Electric
  • King Arthur Tools
  • Dura-Grit
  • Algonquin Golf Course
  • Charley Brook Tree Farm
  • The Crazy Moose
  • Clam Digger
  • Guardian Drugs, St. Andrews & St. George
  • Worth A Wiggle
  • Ganong’s Chocolates
  • Dr. June Derrah
  • Greg McLaughlin
  • Jean Coutu Pharmacy
  • Ray Tourangeau
  • Kiwanis Oceanfront Camping
  • Kingsbrae Gardens
  • Leslie & Mike LeBlanc