The organizing committee for the 2018 NBWCCS has been working hard to make this year’s show bigger and better than ever. Carvers will be happy to know  that, as of December 2017,  we have five purchase awards for our NBWCCS 2018 show:

1) The show organizers will award $300 for a puffin as the raffle bird.

2) The Picket Fence Motel in Saint Andrews is again offering $300 for a Santa. This year, the award is for a Santa, at least 10 inches tall.

3) AV Group NB (formerly known as AV Nackawic) is offering a $1500 purchase award for a carving of an owl. This could be a Great-horned Owl, Barn Owl, Snowy Owl, Barred Owl, Burrowing Owl, Elf Owl, Great Grey Owl, Long-eared Owl or Saw-whet Owl.

4) Charley Brook Tree Farm is offering a $150 purchase award for the Youth carving of their choice.

5) J. D. Irving is offering a $1500 purchase award for a moose carving. This would be approximately 18 inches in size, suitable for display on a table or shelve. Or it could be a relief carving of a moose, in a size suitable for an office wall.

So, carvers, GET CARVING!!