Carving catagories 2022

ADiving ducksLife size (will not be floated)
BMarsh ducksLife Size (will not be floated)
COther waterfowl and seabirdsLife size, including, geese, loons, puffins, etc (will not be floated)
DFloating gunners, working decoysLife size (will be floated)
EUpland game birdsLife size
FBirds of PreyAll sizes excluding miniatures
GSongbirdsLife size
HShorebirds and wadersLife size
IMiniature & Champagne wildfowlMiniatures:50% scale or less and less then 8” in length. Champagne: must fit in 3.5″ circle and less than 7″ high.
JStick birds, stick decoys, smoothiesSmoothies, life size
KRealistic human formany size
LContemporary antiqued wildlifeAny size
MFishPainted, any size
NMarine MammalsPainted, any size
OAll other wildlife and domestic animalsPainted, any size
PAll wildlife, natural finishAny size
QInterpretative wood sculptureAny theme
RRelief CarvingHigh and low relief, painted or natural finish
SBark Carving
TCharacter CarvingCaved in the round
UFunctional carvings
VPyrographic art
WChip Carving
YBench classCarvings not covered by any other category
ZChainsaw and over-sized carvings
YY1Youth 1All birds
YY2Youth 2All other wildlife
YY3Youth 3All other carvings