2019 Purchase Awards

We are delighted to announce that, as of March 15, 2019,  we have seven purchase awards for our NBWCCS 2019 show:

1) The show organizers will award $300 for a Saw Whet Owl as the raffle bird.

2) The Picket Fence Motel in Saint Andrews is again offering $300 for a Santa. This year, the award is for a Santa 8 inches tall.

3) AV Group NB (formerly known as AV Nackawic) is offering a $1500 purchase award for a carving of a 50% eagle. 

4) Charley Brook Tree Farm is offering a $150 purchase award for the Youth carving of their choice.

5) J. D. Irving is offering a $1500 purchase award for a carving of a 60% Loon with 1 chick. 

6) Fredericton Wood Carving Club is offering a prize of $50 to a carver not otherwise recognized with a financial award.

7)  Doug Johnson is offering $50 for a comfort bird of his choice – a 4-inch comfort bird, ultra-smooth, made from any single piece or laminated hardwood, no habitat, and no feet. The Frank Foust pattern or something similar is suggested.


Competition Awards

 YouthNoviceIntermediateAdvanced (Open)Masters
Best in ShowRibbon + $50Ribbon + $100Ribbon + $150Ribbon + $200Ribbon + $250
2nd Best in ShowRibbon +$25Ribbon + $75Ribbon + $100Ribbon + $150Ribbon + $200
3rd Best in ShowRibbon +$10Ribbon + $50Ribbon + $50Ribbon + $100Ribbon + $150
1st, 2nd & 3rd in ClassRibbonRibbonRibbonRibbonRibbon
All entriesRibbon

People’s Choice and Theme Awards per Level

Please note that these awards are NOT given to a carver who wins the Overall People’s Choice and/or Theme Awards. 

 YouthNoviceIntermediateAdvanced (Open)Masters
People's Choice$50$50$50$50$50
Best of Theme - any NB warbler$50$50$50$50$50
Best of Theme - any night-time theme$50$50$50$50$50

Overall People’s Choice and Theme Awards

People's Choice Overall Winner$200
Warbler Theme Overall Winner$200
Night-time Theme Overall Winner$200