We are happy to announce that the themes for the 2018 show have been chosen AND we already have two purchase awards.

Theme Bird
We have chosen all three provincial birds of the Maritime provinces:

  • Osprey (NS),
  • Blue Jay (PEI), and
  • Chickadee (NB).

General Theme

Our general theme will be “Fishing”. The carving(s) can be of any animal (remember, humans are animals, too!) fishing. For example, a kingfisher with a fish in its beak, a whale about to swallow a fish, a bear grabbing a fish, a child fishing, or a fishing scene. It must be clear that the animal is trying to catch, or has caught, a fish.  The fish must be included as part of the carving.

2018 Purchase Awards

  • The raffle bird for 2019 will be a puffin. The show organizers will pay three hundred dollars ($300) for the chosen carving.
  • Picket Fence Motel is again offering a purchase award. This time it is $300 for a Santa that is at least 10 inches high.

We are hoping that more purchase awards will become available. If you know of a company or an organization that might be interested in supporting a purchase award, please contact us.