Current Covid-19 Requirements

The Province of New Brunswick now requires all persons (carvers, family and general public) entering the Carving Show to have proof of double vaccination, or have documentation on why they can not be vaccinated. Children under 12 are exempt.

The Province now requires all persons coming from another province or the US to preregister with them ( Travel registrations are not currently being accepted. Travel registrations will need to be submitted electronically and will be available beginning Sept. 21

All persons attending the show will be required to wear masks while indoors

Town of Saint Andrews – Major Sponsor

The New Brunswick Woodcarvers Association is pleased to announce that the Town of Saint Andrews has become a Major Sponsor for this year’s show with 3 Purchase Awards of $1000 each. We want to thank Mayor Doug Naish and the Town Council for this generous support.
The 3 Purchase Awards are:
 1) a pair of full size Black Capped Chickadees
2) a full size shore bird ( found in the Saint Andrews area)
3) a Bay of Fundy whale breaching ( at least 12 inches)”

Ducks Unlimited Canada – Wood Duck Initiative

Ducks Unlimited is looking for either a full bodied drake wood duck or a hen with chick carving. They are offering a $1000 purchase award for this year’s Competition.

Ducks Unlimited will be using the wood duck carving in promotional talks, etc. for a major 5 year push to add a lot of wood duck nesting boxes (with volunteers doing the work) on the lower St. John River watershed in New Brunswick….. Apparently they have a few thousand of these nesting boxes out there already but with new donation funding mainly from the Carolinas in the US this new push is getting underway this year to add a huge number of additional boxes.
Last year they inserted a camera in a nesting box and discovered that once the eggs were laid the mother stayed on them continuously until they hatched…. Over 20 days…. Hard to believe but true…. They plan to give the public access to the camera via the Internet this year to be able to watch how things go!!!!
You can contact Ducks Unlimited in Fredericton if you want to volunteer or would like more information about this project or their other work

Corporate Patron – JDI Ltd

The New Brunswick Woodcarvers Association (NBWA)  is pleased to announce that JD Irving Ltd has agreed to become the Corporate Patron for our annual NB Woodcarving Competition and Sale for a 3 year period starting this year. They will provide us with $5000 in each of the 3 years. $3000 will go to 2 annual purchase awards ($1500 each) The remaining $2000 each year can be used as the NBWA Board decides to enhance the annual Competition.

In addition JDI will be providing Basswood logs to us for each of the 3 years so that each registered carver at our shows will receive a free piece of basswood to take home. 

We are most appreciative of this new enhanced level of support from JDI for our annual Competition and Sale.

Purchase Awards – 2021

Kingfisher In Flight – $1500 – JDI Ltd

American Kestrel – $1500 – JDI Ltd

Bluejay – $1500 – AV Group

Breaching Whale – $1000 – Town of Saint Andrews (found in the Bay of Fundy, at least 12 inches high)

Pair of Life Size Black Capped Chickadees – $1000 – Town of Saint Andrews

Shorebird – $1000 – Town of Saint Andrews (life size, found in Saint Andrews area)

American Crow – $1000 – Ms. Mary Ann Stevens (full size, interesting and intelligent, not angry)

Full Bodied Wood Duck drake or a hen with chick– $1000 – Ducks Unlimited

Relief Carving with wood mill theme – $500 – Marwood Ltd

Santa Claus (8″ tall) – $300 – Picket Fence Motel

Whale (any size) – $300 – NBWA (for 2022 raffle)

Male Cardinal – $250 – OPEN TO NOVICE CARVERS ONLY! – NBWA for future raffles

Cedar Waxwing – $350 – OPEN TO INTERMEDIATE CARVERS ONLY! – NBWA for future raffles

Youth Carving (their choice) – $150 – Charley Brook Tree Farm

Comfort Bird (4″) – $50 – Doug Johnson