2024 Purchase Awards

The list of 2024 purchase awards now includes:

·         $1500 purchase award for a Woodpecker in Flight offered by JD Irving Ltd.

·         $1500 purchase award for a Harlequin Duck offered by JD Irving Ltd.

·         $1500 purchase award for a Black Lab Dog theme offered by Cooke Aquaculture

·         $1500 purchase award for an American Woodcock offered by AV Group

·         $350 purchase award for a Whale theme offered by the NBWA (future raffle carving)

·         $300 purchase award for a Santa offered by Picket Fence Motel

All carvers are eligible to enter carvings for consideration in purchase award competitions. For all entries in purchase award competitions there is an additional registration charge of $5 for Novice and Intermediate entries and $10 for Advanced and Masters entries. This charge is not reflected on the registration page, but will be added during on-site registration.

2023 Purchase Award Winners

Thank you to all sponsors of the 2023 purchase award competitions. They are exciting part of the Competition, drawing carvers from near and far.

The JD Irving Ltd award for a Evening Grosbeak Pair was won by Gary Shropshire, Ontario

The AV Group award for a Ruffed Grouse was won by Robert Grimm, Maine

The Marwood Ltd award for a Moose Hunting Relief Carving was won by Ted Boothroyd, New Brunswick

The Picket Fence Motel award for a Santa Claus (8″ tall) was won by Ted Boothroyd, New Brunswick

Corporate Patron – JDI Ltd

The New Brunswick Woodcarvers Association (NBWA)  is pleased to announce that JD Irving Ltd has agreed to extend their support for our annual NB Woodcarving Competition and Sale for an additional 3 years taking us to 2026. They will provide us with $5000 in each of the 6 years. $3000 will go to 1 or 2 annual purchase awards. The remaining $2000 each year will be used as the NBWA Board decides to enhance the annual Competition.

In addition JDI will be providing Basswood logs to us for 3 years so that each registered carver at our shows will receive a free piece of basswood to take home.

We are most appreciative of this continued support from JDI for our annual Competition and Sale.