About Us

The New Brunswick Wood Carving Show started with a group of carvers forming a committee in the seaside resort town of St. Andrews, New Brunswick in 2006. As we prepare for our fourteenth show to be held in 2019, we are pleased to have the support of many sponsors and partners, including our major partners JD Irving and AV Group. With their support and the hard work of many volunteers, we look forward to another successful event.

In 2018, the New Brunswick Woodcarving Association was formed to promote woodcarving in the province. One of the new association’s tasks is to oversee the annual NBWCCS. More information about the Association will be posted at a later date. In the meantime, the folks responsible for organizing the 2019 show are listed below.

Members of the 2019 NBWCCS Committee

President: Doug Johnson
Treasurer: Roland Baker
Registration: Walter Bidlake
Silent Auction: Carol Anne Barttlet
Silent Auction Donations Coordinators: Dennis Ferguson & Board Members
Promotion: Gord Willet
Webmaster/Photographer: Margaret Boothroyd
Logistics Coordinator: Dennis Ferguson
Raffle and 50/50 draw: Walter Bidlake
Purchase Awards: Executive Committee
Judge organization: Robyn O’Keefe
Workshops: Brian Dykeman

Executive of the NB Woodcarving Association

Officials were elected for two years as follows:
President- Doug Johnson
Vice President – Walter Bidlake
Secretary – Robyn O’Keefe
Treasurer – Roland Baker
Past President – Brian Dykeman
Directors at Large – Margaret Boothroyd, Gord Willett, Ron McGuire, Amanda Arseneau, Carmen Dumas, Pauline Dion, Wayne Sears