We are happy to announce that the themes for the 2019 show have been chosen. We are also pleased to announce seven purchase awards.

Theme Bird
The theme bird for 2019 is any New Brunswick warbler. 

General Theme

Our general theme is for anything related to night-time.

2019 Purchase Awards

  • JDI is offering $1500 for a 60% size loon with 1 chick
  • AV Group is offering $1500 for a 50% eagle
  • Picket Fence Motel is offering $300 for an 8-inch high Santa
  • NBWCA is offering $300 for a full size Saw Whet Owl for the 2020 raffle bird
  • Charley Brook Tree Farm is offering $150 for a Youth carving of their choice
  • Fredericton Wood Carving Club is offering $50 to a carver not otherwise recognized with a financial award
  • Doug Johnson is offering $50 for a comfort bird of his choice. He is looking for a 4-inch comfort bird, ultra-smooth, made from any single piece or laminated hardwood, no habitat, and no feet. The Frank Foust pattern or something similar is suggested.